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GTV Fibernet is engaged in building the next generation information, communication and entertainment services for home and enterprise customers in Tenali & .

GTV Fibernet. Corporate & Registered office located in Tenali. GTV Fibernet spread the fiber in tenali town .

GTV Fibernet is currently engaged in the business of providing, Broadband Internet, VOIP, Dedicated Internet leased lines, Wi-Fi and FTTH connectivity services to its customers in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana And wishes to establish Franchise to distribute its Services. Across Andhra Pradesh & Telangana SDN offering Managed Internet broadband Services, Internet Leased Lines, IP Tv services and Wifi wireless & Fiber connectivity Solutions any more services which are lined up.

GTV Fibernet offers leased line and Best last mail connectivity to enable them to send huge amounts of data. It would also be building a comprehensive services framework that can deliver leading edge voice, video, data and multimedia content services over any broadband or IP- centric network.



Our vision is to be a leading multiplay (Data Voice video) and IT services company, offering innovative products and solutions to home, enterprise and other customers in Tenali & .